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Grand Vapor started as a normal vaper who wants to quit smoking. As a chain smoker, who consumes 3 packs of cigarette a day, he knows how hard to quit smoking. He was introduced ...more

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Eventhough Grand Vapor products has been cloned or copied, Grand Vapor never stopped creating high quality units. And to support other modders who's products have been cloned ...more

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Grand Vapor Mods Trading is a registered business and is operating mainly in the Philippines. Grand Vapor Mods and Atomizers are purely Pinoy product and manufactured only in the Philippines.

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Sentinel Colored V3
The Private Mod
Sentinel M16
Sentinel Version 4
Prometheus Tank
Chronos Driptip
Trident V2 Atomizer
Trident V2 Atomizer Gold Edition
Prometheus Tank Gold Edition
Sentinel Version 4 Gold Edition
Armada Hybrid
The Armada Hybrid Black
Carapace Mod
The Gauntlet Atomizer